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Public anal probe

Cops Order Docs to Probe Man's Rectum for Drugs; Man Billed after No Drugs Found

It started probe Syracuse police anal pulled over a man last year because "he didn't signal in time," a man they knew very well from confrontations in the public. Police said Torrence Jackson, 42, did not have a valid drivers license as well as a baggie of marijuana in his waistband, so they took him to jail on October 16,according to Syracuse.


At the jail, cops claim that Jackson taunted them by telling probe he had cocaine in his rectum, an accusation he denies. But police used that claim as a justification for beating and pepper spraying him as well as breaking his arm where he then had to be transported to St.

Anal probe yields g ice haul

An x-ray found no drug's in Jackson's abdomen found but the cops were insistent he had drugs in his anal, so they asked the doctors public probe his rectum. But they refused because Jackson was not consenting. So one cop drafted a warrant and drove it to Judge Rory McMahon's house, who wasted no time in signing it.

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When the cop returned to the hospital with the signed warrant, the hospital's lawyer reviewed it and told amputee man fuck they must abide by it. That was when eight cops held Jackson down as he was sedated, allowing hospital staff members to insert an 8-inch flexible tube into his rectum. The search came up empty.

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There were no drugs in Jackson's body.