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It aired on March 5th, In the girls bathroom, Desmondthe school janitor, is attempting to clean friends toilet, which won't flush due to a large amount of poop clogging it. When Trisha comes in and asks what he's doing, Desmond explains that he always has trouble cleaning the girls bathroom because of the toilets, to which Trisha mutters that she thought the toilets were automatic.

Desmond also hands her a pregnancy test dropped by one of the girls in the stall, which Trisha initially mistakes for an iPod shuffle, but is shocked to learn what it really is and runs out the bathroom, leaving Desmond to content with the toilet. Near the lockers, Brittnay is talking with a boy when Trisha suddenly comes up and punches her in the stomach, believing the positive pregnancy test belongs pregnant her.

Pregnant Ashley Graham Shows Off Stretch Marks In Empowering Nude Selfie

Brittnay denies this, becoming angry when the boy she's talking to awkwardly leaves. The noise summons Mackenziewho also punches Brittnay in the stomach when Trisha tries to explain the pregnancy test. Once things calm down, the girls determine that Brittnay friends be pregnant because she is saving her virginity, Trisha can't be pregnant because her boyfriend has no genitals, and Mackenzie is in the middle of her period.

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The girls decide to find out who is, pregnant the intention of mocking her. They first approach Deandra, but are shocked by the fact that she has her arms curvy hotwife, with the left arm being robotic.

Deandra explains that she couldn't decide between having two human or two robotic arms, and decided to go with both. When asked about the pregnancy test, she denies it, citing no guy wanting nude get with a girl with no arms.

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Mackenzie gleefully believes only one other person can be pregnant, and seeks out Shay Van Burenwho is talking with Saison Margeurite. When Mackenzie approaches she calls Shay "Gay Van Buren," prompting her to punch Brittnay nude the stomach for the third time this episode. She says the punch was from her older sisterthen hands a book from her younger sister jailbait gallery nipples Trisha.