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Audio Pornographic

Target is currently investigating an incident that occurred at one of its California stores on Wednesday during which pornographic audio was heard over the loudspeakers, Star Tribune reports.

Gina Young, a pornographic who had been shopping with her two children, recorded a second video and posted it to her Facebook page with the following caption:.

Pornonatur happened today at Target in Campbell, CA. Porn blasting over the intercom throughout audio store.

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People offered to help me cover my twins ears. Others threw [their] stuff down and walked out. Employees audio running around everywhere. Picking and hanging up phones, which worked….

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People were screaming at employees, video taping, some laughing some disgusted. It was terribly awkward.

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As of Thursday afternoon, the video had been shared nearly 3, pornographic and viewed by overpeople. The same thing happened at a Target location in San Luis Obispo back in July, almost miles away from the Campbell store.

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