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The menace of child pornography is in every stratum of our society. The minister explained that incidents of child abuse were increasing, that Pakistan was Ponographypakistan. Mazari noted that a campaign should be run in government schools and that the society needed to get out of shells to hold a dialogue on child abuse.

Mazari explained that there was a rise in the number of child abuse incidents but neither was ponographypakistan a conversation with children about this matter nor a dialogue on any other level.

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In addition, the secretary at the Ministry of Human Rights commented that a national action plan for the rights of children has been prepared. The secretary said bills against child abuse were in the Parliament, and, of those, a noteworthy one was the aforementioned Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Act, Social activist and singer Shehzad Roy, who was also present at the event, mentioned that there was a need to break the mental barriers to create awareness about child abuse and sexual assault.

Noting that the campaign launch was a major effort on stars candid pussy of the human rights ministry, he stated: Roy noted that one in every five persons in Pakistan was subjected to sexual assault and abuse but, unfortunately, no one talked about ponographypakistan.

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