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Polina naturalist

Her scholarly publications include articles on Nabokov, the Bakhtin brothers, early Soviet film, and the aestheticization of historical trauma, primarily, culture of the Siege of Leningrad She has also authored eight books of poetry and one book of prose polina Russian.

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Three books of her poetry in English translation were published recently: Professor Naturalist is currently working on a project entitled "The Ruin Screams: This course will explore how narratives live polina lesbian tit suckers how society can endanger them and bring them to fruition; how various environments, social and natural, influence production of language and narrative.

Among these environments, we will look at writing in and about prison, concentration camps and environmental disaster, with special attention dedicated to the topics of censorship and language death, which polina will treat as political and social environments of their own kind. We will ask naturalist like: Who has a say in the matter and what can be done? In Greek, the term "Ekphrasis" means "to describe, to point out, to explain" and is associated with the desire to turn that which is visual into words.

How do naturalist and image reflect and depend on each other?

Polina Barskova

This course will touch on various issues that emerge from the rhetorical collaboration between text and image. Beginning with G. Lessing's 18th century discussion of the ancient sculpture of the Laocoon and ending with contemporary texts and imagery, we will examine the mutual "collaborations" between artist and writer, and writer and artist as romantic, modernist, and post-modernist activities. Writers and artists may include but are not limited to: