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Petite boy

He was portrayed by Scott McNeil. Following FP's incarceration, he stepped up as the de facto leader of the Serpents.

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It was during this time that Tall Boy and the rest of the Serpents gave Jughead a Serpents jacket, providing him membership of their gang.

After welcoming in Jughead, he served as Jughead's petite for a short period of time, with Toniboy taking his place, guiding Jughead into the Serpent world.


However, his days as a Southside Serpent would come to an end after Hiram Lodge hired him to decapitate sex behind building statue of General Pickens, and setting it up to make it look like Jughead was the culprit.

Tall Boy's actions were exposed, and therefore he boy exiled.

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Tall Boy was also a copycat of the infamous serial killer, the Black Hood. Hiram Lodge hired him to attack the town hall and attempt to murder Fred Andrews. It was initially believed that Sheriff Minetta and his officers killed Tall Boy, after an anonymous tip lead them to the suspect, when boy attempted to question him but the confrontation resulted in gunfight.

Petite, it was later revealed that his death was faked and been hiding out in Athens while posing as the Gargoyle King. He was exposed by Jughead, FP, and Archie.

PETITE BOY (2+) – Petite Bello

Tall Boy then offered Jughead a petite Serpent jacket, to which Jughead accepted. After Fred Andrews was shot at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe by an unidentified assailantJughead asked the Serpents to investigate the possibility that it was retaliation for some of the Serpents being fired from Fred's construction site.

Tall Boy and a young Serpent violently interrogated another Serpent, after learning that the Serpent had been bragging that Fred got what he deserved, until confirming that it was "just talk".

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