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All she wanted to do was get up and run, run back to her home in San Diego, away from the dirt and filth of Hollywood.

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Not since Nude showed up. She sighed and brushed away a tear, trying hard peach to have a total breakdown in the waiting room of Hot Girls Galore.

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There must have been 20 other girls crammed into the waiting room along with her, most of them teenagers like Claire. A few of them were attractive, but most of them just looked hollow-eyed and desperate, ready to do anything to earn enough money for a hot meal.

9 "Embarrassing" Sex Moments That Are Actually Totally Normal

Claire hoped that her stunning good looks would give her an edge over the other girls. She was eighteen years old, still young and fresh-faced, with shoulder-length black hair, bright blue eyes, and skin as smooth and white as ivory.

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Everyone told her that she looked just like Katy Perry, and her body was just as sexy. Her tits were as big and full as grapefruits, her legs were lean and toned, and her perfect ass was as round as a peach. Puzzled, I did what embarrassed said and was surprised to see the key card on the floor. Gratefully, I scooped it nudegirls for and swiped it through the slot as quickly as I could.