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Read our disclaimer. A fat or a chubby girl who is living in Pakistan hears numerous compliments and suggestions in a day regarding her health, as we are living in a society jahan log apnay kaam say kaam nahi rakh skte hain and dusray par comment karna tu farz smjhty hain. In other countries, a person with a good health is considered as a happy person but in Pakistan, it seems like the worst syndrome; especially for tumblr.

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By this sweet compliment, they literally mean that you are getting fat and you need to control, Moti. Suggestion tu aisa daty hai jisay inkay baap kay paisao say khaati ho. In our country, people love to give free suggestions especially when it comes to the pakistani of chubby girl.

So, take a chill pill girls!

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Tumblr will definitely make their mouths shut. People will never stop commenting on you whether behind your back or on your face.

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So, my dear girls stop paying attention to them and start loving yourself instead of feeling pakistani of your body type. So, it takes a while for someone in Pakistan to become an influencer, especially someone who does not have it Pranks and dares these days have really gotten out of hand. The old school innocent chubby is long gone and