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Chronic pain treatments involve a mix of psychological, physical and pharmacological medication strategies. Together, these are termed the 3Ps mannequin nude pain control.

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Like three legs of a stool, the 3Ps are complementary, or supportive, to one another. No single strategy will likely be the answer, so it is important to be open to a variety of options if your teen has chronic pain.

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Physical strategies are activities that help the body to function physically. They include conditioning exercises, stretches, endurance activities and nervous system retraining.

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They are typically guided by physical and occupational therapists. Pacing is one strategy that can help a teen stick to their routines. It involves learning how to balance activity and rest so that your teen can do important everyday activities such as participating in school and meeting sex with friends even if they are in pain.

Try using the traffic light analogies sex to help your teen follow their routines without making their pain worse.

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Your teen should make sure pain spend time in the green and red traffic light areas. Yellow reminds them to stop and take a break.

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Psychological can be thought of as "mind-body" strategies or "the power of the brain to teen the pain". They also include some of the following techniques to support your child and reduce the impact of pain on the family. Distraction can be a particularly helpful psychological strategy when pain teen teen experiencing pain.