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Old wives tales for predicting a baby's gender - BT

A common pregnancy symptom is headaches, but apparently this relates specifically to carrying boys. This could also have something to do with growing another human inside you, back ache, stomach pain, etc, etc, etc. May also happen to mothers of girls. Good luck.

36 of the best old wives’ tales to predict the sex of your baby

Yes, that really is one. Please just be aware of hot liquids. This has nothing to do with previous preferences, obviously. Otherwise known as perfectly reasonable, natural hormones. Like number 11, but the opposite, because boys and girls like completely opposite things, always.

15 Old Wives Tales About Sex That You Shouldn't Believe

They call it supportive scoffing in some parts of the world. Moving on. A threaded needle held over your hand swings sideways. If between November and February this could also signal winter.