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In humans hardcore uniform fick expect a certain amount of hair loss with age—some even beat Mother Nature to it by shaving it all off. But some animals defy the conventions of their species and go nudist … or at least bald-headed. A little while back we brought you a list of hairless animals, from funky naked mole rats nudism bare bears.

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Here are a few additions—some naturally nude, some not—to the bald bestiary. Monkeys can be cute, fierce, or majestic, but the red uakari Cacajao calvus is downright surreal. These tree-top dwellers of the Amazon River Basin have a coat of longish auburn or white hair topped with a bright-red bald head.

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They look a bit like a mascot who forgot to put on the head part of his costume before going to work. Mark Bowlerpostdoctoral fellow at the Nudism Diego Zoo Global Institute for Conservation Researchtold National Geographic that while other monkeys have hairless faces, only one other species is bald-headed, the pied tamarin Saguinis bicolor. Some have theorized that facial redness is a signal of good health, a theory Bowler is in bald process of testing.