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Was losing weight a key part of the development, and what were the challenges? Yes, nudes was the number one priority. What we first did when we goldwings lightweight goldwings was to dismiss that status of being a king, and changed the concept to being the Honda premium motorcycle.

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We then concentrated on what qualities such a motorcycle requires. There was no compromise — it was a change of direction. That somehow made the bike a little bit boring. Although we have slightly changed the direction in terms of concept, a Gold Wing is still a Gold Wing, so it needs a very tiny teen squirtsxxx ride.

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The seven-speed DCT allows us nudes have a closer ratio for a more seamless gear shift. The aim was to make the bike a slim design, which of course brings benefits to manoeuvrability, so what we actually did was to decrease the bore pitch — the distance from bore centre to bore centre. The cylinder wall is smaller, but we also reduced the bore size and increased the stroke.

Why Honda ditched the forks: 2018 Honda Gold Wing technology

As a result, when calculating the engine capacity, the new size is cc. We wanted to really maximise the areas in which the motorcycle was designed to be useful.

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Using a wishbone suspension setup means the wheel moves upwards, rather than diagonally back. The front suspension is quite unique to Honda — can you tell us more?