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The new collaborative piece follows the nudejamaicandancehall adventures of a colourful Japanese dancer — dressed in tight latex, red leather, and kick-ass yellow hair — as she travels naked cute amish Jamaica to compete in a local dancehall contest.

The video features extremely raw footage of Bom Bom and her dancehall opponents rolling around in the dusty yard of a shopping centre.

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Filmed during one of the hottest summers on record, it was a gruelling dance-off. Bom Bom, with her gymnastic, slapstick, and sometimes rude moves, outdances the competition to come out on top.

The Jamaican adventures of a Japanese dancehall queen

Her prize? An electric fan.

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But the rest of the film runs like nudejamaicandancehall extended fantasy sequence, patched together with low-fi special effects. In the final section Bom Bom swims in a shark-infested ocean before she is eaten by a doting, talking chameleon.

The Jamaican adventures of a Japanese dancehall queen - The Vinyl Factory

Bengolea explains: Bom Bom was very afraid but when are you are afraid, it can be like magic. Entry is free — plan your visit here. Your wishlist is empty.