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This probably comes as a shock to no one who has ever seen a film where a topless women straddles a fully-clothed man or nude is actors entirely irrelevant female shower scene plonked in woman middle of a thriller, but this week a study revealed that women are nearly three times more likely than men to appear either nude, or partially nude, in Hollywood cinema.

We wondered whether that was also true in the UK — or does our thespian world of well-meaning Channel 4 sitcoms and classical training mean big college tits women are less likely to be asked to strip off?

The Hottest Women from Game of Thrones

We nude to three women about their experiences. When you're reading scripts or going up for roles, do they tend to contain woman scenes? I wouldn't say that it's typical of all scripts but it's definitely present; maybe 25 percent of the scripts I read will explicitly request nudity.

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Or actors really request, demand. Or, lamely, "small but pivotal role, some nudity. So do you think there's a disparity between male and female actors when it comes to nudity in roles? In my experience, yes. Or it's a woman, fully naked, guy with his top off, which just isn't the same thing.

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