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Kitana Jade Pics

For a few entries, Mortal Kombat has been kitana down the sexuality of its female fighters, and for the most part, people have either liked the new, more realistic designs, or haven't even blinked at them. But there are some Mortal Kombat fans who aren't happy nude the design changes, and have been voicing their opinions character reveal by character reveal.

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The latest fighter to stir up controversy is Kitana, who was officially revealed amacher nude reddy weekand who's new design has some fans unhappy.

According to these fans, Kitana's new design ranges from boring to symbolic of a larger censoring of the series' traditional character designs. In other words, some people aren't happy that Kitana's design isn't sexy enough.

New Kitana design is so boring Well, it is nude legit criticism. Sex appeal was a big part of the female ninjas' character design.

Some 'Mortal Kombat 11' Fans Aren't Happy With Kitana's New Design

It makes no sense to suddenly tone it down all these years later. For folks like Sonya, it's understandable. But people like Kitana, Jade and Mileena? It's rather lame. Notice mk11 is lacking I amazing designs because their whole thing is covering them up.