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Swedish women fight to bathe nude in the sun

Rediscover artists that were once forgotten. There were many women artists in Wome during the 19th century.

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Feminist scholars rediscovered them in the s, since they had been left out in traditional art history. Nationalmuseum was part of that research field and have since continuously curated exhibitions about these artists. Swedish use nude light and the thickly applied paint outraged conservative critics fit naked bitches this painting was exhibited in the s.

Swedish Women Artists

Hanna Pauli had just been studying in Paris. Berthe Morisot was one of many women Impressionist painters. She took part in the first Impressionist exhibition in and since then belonged to the core of the group. There are more than paintings by Anna Boberg in the collections of Nationalmuseum.

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This one is a study of the phenomena aurora borealis - northern lights. Anna Boberg in her studio in Stockholm.