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There seems to be a universal truth on the Internet: He was alerted to some unsavory nude kashmir babes on PictShare, and after he dealt with them he realized these could be the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

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But there were far too many pictures on the system to check solar. He decided to build a system that could search for NSFW images using a trained neural network. Shockingly, the system was able to find over 3, images that contained suspected child pornography. Truly hacking for good.

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From node nude down to builds which are far more show than go. I have a question.


My understanding is that he trained it to look for images containing nudes and pornography, I believe he nude has to determine the child porn by looking through the total results manually, although you could solar train for a second pass to looking for age characteristics. The article and the linked blog post says that this system only searches for NSFW porn and that there was child porn found within the results.

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