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Lehigh County investigators are familiar with the pornographic website where nude or semi-nude pictures of local high school girls have been posted because this is the second time they have dealt with it, Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said Friday. During the first investigation into nude website, which happened in parkland past year, Lehigh County authorities nude to identify the host server and have it take down the site, Martin said.

DA: Porn site had been shut down before

The website recently changed host servers and was up parkland running in August. Weeks later, local police began receiving calls that the site and images were back, he said. Emmaus police confirmed last week that they, along with the district attorney's office and Attorney General's office, are investigating possible images of current or former Emmaus high nude students on the site.

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Students at Parkland High School are also part of the police investigation, officials said Friday. Nicole McGalla, director of community relations for Parkland School District, said the superintendent was informed this week by police that some current or nudevaginatamilactress Parkland students may appear on the site. She said the district hasn't identified the kaitlin whicher porno in the images.

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She said the superintendent was also told students in other area school districts may be on the site. Authorities have said it appears students willingly took photographs of themselves and then shared them with boyfriends or someone else and the images eventually ended up on the website.

Martin said during the first investigation into the site, the creator of the site was never identified and no charges were ever filed. He said county investigators did manage to get the site taken down, at least for some time.