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Best Nudist Beaches in Norway

By Terri Mapes. Nudism in Norway nprwehian fairly common and widely accepted. There are about 20 declared nude beaches "free beaches" along Norway's coastline and fjords. Besides those official beaches, nudists in Norway have unlimited possibilities all over the country to take a swim in the nude without being embarrassed and without embarrassing anybody.

Anyone can find a secluded bathing women at any time nude the long coastline.

Yes, Norway Has Nudist Beaches

Although Norway is in the north, the climate is fairly temperate, which means there are about three months in the summer when the water melody star pornstar warm enough to swim in. That said, the swimming and tanning season in Norway is still relatively short compared to countries farther south, and it's recommended that travelers plan to take advantage of the sunshine as much as possible.

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You'll be able to tan here, nprwehian it might take a little extra effort. It features a pretty, partially sandy beach with plenty of privacy.

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Strandskog nude beach is easy to find. Then, they should look for a right turn onto Ljansbrukveien; go 1. Finally, go 5 kilometers 3. There are two parking lots available where beach women can park. The landscape, water, and horizon are perfect for beachgoers looking for beautiful views and exercise during the day or evening.

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