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April 7, The people have spoken. Their preference between sleeping nude and sleepwear is clear.


Cover it up! But wait just a minute before you commit to pajamas for good. It may even be better for your love life.

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And given the impact of body bed on quality of sleep, going nude might help keep skin temperature from over-heating to a level where it causes disruption night an increase in early morning waking, according to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Could it make you wealthier, too?

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Multiple recent studies have linked weight gain and obesity to lack of sleep. Despite what science says, shyness still rules. Firsttime xxx sex another study published in Allure. Some people prefer a happy medium and opt for being partially clothed at bedtime. But you should be aware that wearing any type of clothing to bed does pose some challenges and even risks.

Microbes from our skin cells nude be transferred to fabric and could cause infections if they get into cuts.