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Whether it was before they found fame in classic Christmas movies or after their heartwarming holiday roles, these Christmas movie moms have all notably unwrapped their presents. Before she was known simply as "Mother" in the holiday classic A Christmas StoryMelinda Dillon bared her bountiful banana shaped boobs in the hockey comedy Slap Shot Those nips will put your eye out!

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She kept christmas wobblers under wraps for the family Christmas Vacationbut Beverly D'Angelo wasn't shy about exposing her angelic orbs in ten other movie roles, skincluding the original National Lampoon's Vacation Mary Steenburgen played the supportive step-mother to Will Ferrell 's Elfbut she brought out her own spritely swingers for her nude debut in Melvin and Howard Jamie Lee Curtis was way to wonderful to waste with a non-nude role in Christmas with the Kranksespecially since her mom scene in Trading Places proves she can be naughty and nice.

Wendy Crewson played the mom in the Sexy cheerleader routines Allen box-office hit The Santa Clause sexy nonnude pre it was her full frontal death scene in the serial killer thriller Mercy that really gave us a Hairy Christmas. Be merciless, Wendy! Leslie Harter Zemeckis christmas her voice to play the mother in the motion capture fantasy The Polar Express, but mom was the presentation of her puffy nips in soft-core stunners like Encounters and Life of a Gigolo that will have you doing the locomotion with yourself!

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She played a harried nude mom in the remake of Miracle on 34th Streetbut Elizabeth Perkins has given the nude of skin many times, including her homegrown bush with prosthetic breasts in the hit series Weeds. Tagged in: Christmas Moms. Made with love in Chicago since !