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November 10, The cover image has been edited and one picture removed from this post due to a threat by Google to stop serving ads on my site.

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The pictures depicted this man almost, but not quite naked. Facebook had freeteenpicsxxx prevented distribution of the story when it was first written.

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I am currently considering ways of circumventing this kind of censorship. Naked except for a codpiece that barely covers his men and scrotum, Jiang Yi-shao taiwan been men around Taiwan on a scooter to promote nudity as a basic human right. The 24 year-old departed Hualian September 5 and has made the news after being spotted in Taitung and on the Hengchun Peninsular.

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Today he appeared in Kaohsiung. Mr Nude hopes supporters will join him in an island-wide nude carnival and nude to demand the legalization of nudity taiwan Taiwan.

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In the course of his journey people have called the police to report a naked man riding a motorcycle. Police in Taitung County pulled him up, but as his penis was covered by the codpiece, they could not charge him with public indecency.

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Jiang says that he has received a lot of support from people. Some people have given him bottles of water and even ice-cream. However, others have called him shameless, ill-bred, or told him to put his pants on. Mr Jiang shows his codpiece.