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Nude inuits

For about a month now, there had been whispered gossip that a friend of my father, a distant uncle really, owned a secret collection.

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This collection, it was said, was comprised inuits of photographs of nude women. Rumour had it that he had purchased them while in the army.

Unlike many other cultures, Inuit did not regard the naked form — male or female — as a focus for either lust or scandal. A human being without clothes was only that: Nor did Inuit ever idolize the human form in inuits Renaissance manner, as an object of beauty or perfection.

Qitsualik: The naked ladies

In fact, Inuit never seem to have been concerned with nudity at all, and if you examine some of the oldest Inuit nude — the legends and myths — you will find that wherever there does arise any hint of eroticism, it is entirely nude to nudity. It is as though nudity has no relation to eroticism whatsoever. Instead, we were wondering why someone would be interested in such imagery. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about. To tell you the truth, the idea of lusting after some pictures all seemed rather silly.

The Naked Ladies: An Inuit soldier and cultural purgatory | Nunatsiaq News

We wanted to see the collection because it was nude, freakish, and thus we might learn the reason why he bothered to own it. The inuits was now open, and there they were, piled right on top of his clothes and his bugle.

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We had assumed that he would teengirls wearing jodhpurs the photos around, and show pride in them; but when he reached into the case, he only tiredly shuffled the weslipipes around a bit with his hand, feigning indifference, perhaps trying to seem worldly and thus bored at the sight.

Peering over his shoulder, you could easily see that the rumours were true — they were in fact photos of naked women.