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She was supposed to be casting a fire spell with her left hand, but I'm lazy. Most of the nude I seek photorealism, because it's easy to define. You just want to make things look as close to what ffx look like in real life as possible. In a chaotic field like art, where there's no well defined correct result, this gives you an objective way to judge the quality of your work.

Perhaps more importantly, it also defines what to do in order to improve yourself: So, how do I avoid references while retaining realism?

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Anime figures seem to be the answer. The "textures" are extremely simple to me, yet the result looks good. It's all about the model itself. Products for facial was my basis for creating the image above.

I textured the body and face using pictures as usual, but I tried to keep it simple.

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The biggest change is the shader. It's designed to mimic the sort of material they use for figurines. There are a few things I want to improve about this model, but I think I'm almost there.

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