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A web app nude DeepNudewhich could turn any photo of a woman into a realistic-seeming nude image, is shutting fake after a short stint of going viral.

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DeepNude caught major attention from the public after Vice's tech vertical, Motherboard, published a story about the web app on Wednesday evening. People raced to check out the software, which harnessed deepfake technology to let users generate fake, yet believable, nude photos vedikal women in a one-step process.

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But DeepNude, which was relatively unknown until the Motherboard story, was unable to handle the traffic. The team behind DeepNude quickly took the app offline, saying its servers "need reinforcement" and promising to have the app up and running "in a few days.

But the team announced Thursday afternoon on Twitter that DeepNude was offline — for good. DeepNude said it "greatly underestimated" the amount of traffic it would get and decided to shut down the app because "the probability that people will misuse it dick deflowerig pussy too high.

Surely nude copies of DeepNude will be shared on the web, but we don't want to be the ones who sell it," DeepNude wrote in a tweet.

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Read more: This controversial deepfake app lets anyone easily create fake nudes of any woman with just a click, and it's a frightening look into the future of revenge porn. DeepNude is just the latest example in how techies have been using artificial intelligence to create deepfakeseerily realistic fake depictions of vedikal doing or saying something they have never done.

Some have used the technology to create computer-generated catsAirbnb listings, and revised versions of famous Hollywood movies.

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But others have used the technology to effortlessly spread misinformation, like this deepfake video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezwhich was altered to make the House representative seem like she doesn't know the answers to questions from fake interviewer.