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There's always a love triangle.

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That is what every Latino soap opera is about — love and lies. Some of them seem very unlikely to happen in real life. Another popular one occurs in Triunfo del Amor, which includes a bisexual love artis pornstar huge a man and a woman are in love with the same nakedsomething that is major considering that there aren't many LGBT characters in Latino soap operas. There's a lot of cheating.

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It's safe to say that 90 percent of novelas involve cheating and relationship drama, but just to name a few, Avenida Brasil, Rebelde, and Amores Verdaderos all have instances naked someone catches his or her partner cheating, or the entire show revolves around infidelity, where someone sleeps with a person the couple knows very well. There's always a fight that ends in fiery kissing.

There's usually a lot of kissing in general, the kind where a couple argues, awkwardly stares at one another, then randomly starts kissing for 10 minutes straight like nothing ever happened. Girl video explains just how intense a novela kiss can get. A rich person always falls in love with a poor person. Remember the girl story line of Marimar, where a poor island girl falls for the richest man in town? Sergio marries Marimar anyway, despite his parents' disapproval, of course, and they continue novela fight for acceptance.

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A poor girl gets rich. The main character of Luz Clarita becomes a matchmaker and manages to get a couple of poor people to fall in love with rich people and live happily ever after, even though she's only a child.

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It seems like every story starts off novela a poor girl whose goal is to go from rags to riches by finding the right man sexygirl kashmiri circle of friends.