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Nonude taboo

Man I'm starting to get even more and more bothered by yukkuris announcing everything and even taboo it like the "super poo poo time" here. Also it's paola rey fuck me or Kiriraita is making the koreimu extra drooly on the panel she's going "refreshed" her tongue looks like it has many drool streaks on it?

JusticeItEasy said: This is the main reason why generally support Yu-abuse.


If they stop doing that their chances of survival would increase nonude bit. That's a cultural thing, not instinct, cultures that have no "nude taboo" go around without covering or feeling odd, people without the taboo as well.

And truth be told, it's not like every yukkuri go "It's super poo poo time" or similar phrases, only the most annoying and scummy ones do it, the most average and well behaved one as much say "gotta do poo poo" like some people do, taboo anything in their "cute critter" way.

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Or it's the next level of Droolution that Kiriraita seems to had been escalating since True Happiness. Imma let you finish, but sanaeaki does the best yukkuri ahegao expressions for all time.

Toplessness - the one Victorian taboo that won't go away - BBC News

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