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The famous Pirelli calendar took a giant leap away from the style topless previous calendars for the edition.

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Usually known to feature glamorous photos of half naked models and actresses - often in exotic locations - this year the calendar philipino girl sex exceptional and intellectual women from the worlds of business, sport and art. All wearing clothes.

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GQ's resident sex anthropologist argues why that was a bad idea. Her gaze is fixed on you wherever you move in the room. Her breasts are bare and pert, soft and sweet.


Venus is silently judging you. Don't take it personally; she's has been judging men for the past two thousand years, and before that still. She knows your dark desires, your lustful girls.

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She knows her power and she netshirt a threat. Years ago, man retaliated. He kicked her off her marble pedestal and let her perpetually youthful body crash to the ground. He called her a slut for showing off her body. He told her she was stupid.