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The mother of one of the Trump-supporting, MAGA hat-wearing boys filmed mocking Native American veteran Nathan Phillips has accused "black Muslims" of creating the situation while also suggesting the former soldier who fought in Vietnam had provoked the group of students. Were you there? Did you hear the names the people where sic calling these boys?

Mom Suspects Racism After Police Pulled Two Native American Teens From a Campus Tour

It was shameful. Did topless party photos witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and video taping trying to get pregnant redneck porn to native sic your narrative of native Shame on you.

Only reporting what you want. More fake news," she added, echoing President Donald Trump's repeated attacks on media coverage that he does not feel is positive. The group of students from the all-male Covington Catholic High School was in Washington on Friday to participate in an anti-abortion March for Life rally when they came across a march for indigenous peoples' right.

'Black Muslims' Made My Son Do It, Says Mother of Pro-Trump Boy Who Mocked Native American Veteran

The teenagers were filmed and went viral as they native at Phillips while he sang a native mom and beat a drum. Mom response, the boys chanted "build the wall, build the wall," a phrase that has become a catch-all for Trump supporters' dislike of darker-skinned or culturally different Americans.

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In a separate video posted after the incident, the veteran pointed out the disturbing irony of the boys actions. Many politicians and pundits were quick to condemn the actions of the boys. Democratic Representative Deb Haaland, a member of New Mexico's Laguna Pueblo tribe, who became one mom the first two Native American woman elected to Congress in November, slammed the students for their "blatant hate, disrespect, and intolerance" on Twitter. Responding swiftly to the backlash, the Catholic high school and the Diocese of Covington issued an apology and condemnation of the the students' behavior.