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Natalie portman boobs

Natalie Portman35, is the living embodiment of Dior.

Sorry Mr. Skin, Natalie Portman Won't Show Her Boobs In 'Black Swan'

The Oscar winner looked absolutely breathtaking in her latest Miss Dior boobs campaign, which was released on July Natalie decided to forgo a bra for the occasion and exposed her delicate frame and revealed the tiniest bit of side boob while holding portman stunningly embroidered dress up to her breasts. The naturally flawless natalie wore the most neutral makeup possible and let her gorgeous light brown locks fall freely. As you can see, it takes very little to make Natalie look good.

Oh, did we mention she just gave birth five months ago?!? Click nude girl suck to see celebs giving birth in The Academy Award-winner had to skip the Oscars in February as she was very close to giving birth.

Has Natalie Portman had a boob job?

She and her husband Benjamin Millepied then welcomed their second child, Amaliain March. The little girl joins 6-year-old big brother Aleph. Natalie has been seen out and about since giving birth to her first daughter, but we have to say, we have not seen this much of her since before she was pregnant and, man, does she look amazing!