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LX Sessions: Tweens Get Attention With 'Nasty Doo-Woppy' Rock | WVXU

Ironically, the music stood apart because it sounded so familiar. Sheer Mag reclaimed some of that energy without perpetuating the toxicity.


On their debut album, Need to Feel Your Lovethe band surveyed their contemporary nasty landscape through the lens of history. Singer Nasty Halladay transported herself back to tweens Stonewall Riots, denounced redlining practices that undermine the popular vote, and paid homage to White Rose activist Sophie Scholl. Self-described as a "nasty, doo-woppy band," Cincinnati's TWEENS borrow from their hometown's rock history as well as from bad-girl punk from the '70s through the '90s.

Care Stages: How Does My 'Tween Grow? Ages 8-12

It was very different musical territory than the trio's other projects: Battle xxx sexsual blogspot a member of the electronic noise band Public Housing, while Queen and Copes played in the experimental punk act Vacation. The band got a big break in when it was recommended as an opening act for one of the Breeders' Last Splash reunion gigs by the owner of a tweens record store.

Website Facebook. We are four dudes who want to make good tunes. Our goal is to have a good time, and if you come to our show, we will make sure that you yourself have a good time!!! Keep it dumb and fun!!!