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View Badges! BluesBar BluesBar. A boy wearing red and black with blonde hair and blue eyes with whisker marks on his cheeks was shown in the woods. Naruto Uzumaki looked on as he checked the area as there was nothing but trees naruto way it looked.

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He was returning home from a mission when he had stopped to rest at a naruto village. While there, he overheard some people at the inn talking about something that had caught his attention.

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Apparently ages ago a magical artifact was lost in the forest that which he was currently in. It was said to be powerful and able to fulfill the desires of whoever possessed it as nothing could be out of girlsnaked reach.

Of course, the townsfolk had dismissed it sexyteenfuckingphoto nothing girlsnaked than a child's tale to pass time but it had gotten his interest and seeing that he had nothing to lose, decided to investigate the woods.

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Who knows?