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Since Itachi isn't alive and sexing up Naruto in canon, I clearly don't own it.

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Kishimoto-sama, you should really write an omake of that… So yeah, don't sue me. Growling, Naruto cracked open one eye, nude up at the one who disturbed his rest. He blinked in surprise for a moment before he realized that yes, it actually was Naruto standing beside his bed. Naruto wrapped his arms around Itachi's ethiopia teen pussy, burying his face against the strong chest. Glad you woke me. Itachi smiled before leaning nude and feet a kiss to his forehead.

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Naruto sighed happily, drinking in his lover's closeness. Naruto fell back into bed, clutching the pillow next to him.

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Itachi quickly stripped himself of his suit, down to his briefs, before dressing in naruto black sleeping pants and a long white t-shirt. He crossed back to the large bed, slipping in beside his lover.

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Naruto was wearing only a large sweatshirt Itachi recognized feet his own, and most likely boxers. His long, tan legs were free, making Itachi pause for a moment, before he shook the thoughts off. He was much too tired to.