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Naruto and hinatanude

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Naruto guys with their wives. (naked) | Anime | Naruto, Naruto, hinata, Naruto characters

When it comes to Narutofans are ride-or-die with hinatanude ships. Masashi Kishimoto may not have intended for the series to become a romantic one, but the world has created some intense OTPs for naruto heroes. No, seriously. The clip, which can be found below, shows Hinata waking up in bed without any clothes.

The ninja has her chest barely covered with a blanket, and Hinata looks plenty sleepy. However, she gets distracted when Naruto comes up from the bed to hold her.

'Naruto' Animator Shares One NSFW NaruHina Animation

However, fans are not given a chance to look at Hinata in the nude as Naruto covers her chest with his hands. Unfortunately, the animator has since deleted the reel from his official indescribable lyrics disturbed. Huang was inundated with hate from sects of fans who were unhappy with the reel. Others were angry NaruHina got the sexy animation rather than Sasuke and Sakura.