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SHAMED tourists were forced by Thai police to march naked down a beach after furious locals spotted them skinny dipping.

The group - from Britain, Australia, Spain, and Japan - were nakedthailand frolicking in the sea at Ao Nang beach, starkers, by nakedthailand residents of popular tourist destination, Krabi.

Naked Wanderings

The party-poopers then reported the group, aged between 17 and 20, to sexy korean footjob who forced the tourists out of the water and back to their clothes in full view of onlookers. The five women and one man can be seen desperately trying to cover their bits as Thai police usher them along. The girls had to scramble to cover their boobs themselves, but the man nakedthailand supplied with nakedthailand small black towel to cover his modesty.

The youngsters said they had decided to go skinny dipping because the bars, usually open to the early hours, had closed early to mark the national Buddhist Lent celebrations and nakedthailand had nothing else to do.

A police spokesperson said: Police confirmed the public embarrassment "ensured that they would not repeat such behaviour again in the future," and the group were forced to make an apology. Brit tourists in Thailand face harsh judgement from Thai police, who come down hard on naughty Brits.

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Faced daily with a barrage of loutish Brits who disregard Thai culture and customs, police working popular gap year destinations like Chiang Mai, Krabi and Koh Samui take heavy measures to prevent loutish behaviour. In April this year, another Brit tourist spent 12 days in a Thai jail he describes as a "hell hole" after handing in a lost mobile phone. No-nonsense Thai police also marched a romping couple from a beach back in after they were filmed having sex in the sea.