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Nudity in American television has always been a controversial topic. Aside from a few exceptions, nudity in the United States has traditionally not naked shown on terrestrial television.


On the other hand, womans television has been much less constrained as far as nudity is concerned. The Public Broadcasting Servicewhich features nudity in anthropological documentaries as well as some films, was the first network to display national programming that featured frontal female nudity on television. The Incredible Machine looked into parts of the human body and included in its opening scenes a fully nude woman in an artist's model pose; probably less for this than the innovative micro- and interior cinematography, this was for more than half a decade the most popular single program womans on the network.

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The special-event miniseries, Roots on ABCfeatured some partial nudity of its cast, usually fleetingly, but more so naked other breast network programming in the US in the s.

Throughout the United States, many metropolitan areas had independent television stations that were not affiliated with any of the national naked and showed programming only to people within their limited broadcast range.

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During the s, many of these stations experimented with content containing frontal female nudity in movies during prime time. Then, it was followed by a disclaimer that was breast after each commercial break. KTVU in the San Francisco Bay Area regularly showed uncensored films that contained nudity, such as Magnum Forcewith uncredited Suzanne Somers appearing topless in a pool scene womans, Big Bad Mamabreast Angie Dickinson and William Shatnerand Walkaboutwhich contained full frontal king shaman porn in a nude bathing scene with then—teenage actress Jenny Agutter.

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A number of stations in this era even went so far as to run promotions during which they would show a series of movies known for nudity in an attempt to get higher ratings for the week. In almost all cases, the nudity was restricted to showing exposed buttocks bbw halloween female breasts.