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There was a time not so long ago that transexual performers, specifically male-to-females or she-males, were relegated to the periphery of the online porn world.

The power of the internet is its ability to reach audiences on a global scale and unify them into a collective entity of consumers. With the help of search engines, the independent pillow hump sex naked she-male porn witnessed the emergence of a niche market and a rise in consumer demand transexual their product.

Then about 10 years ago, gay porn superstars began to appear in she-male videos.

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Their participation would help to catapult the transexual porn industry into the level of widespread awareness and profitability that males enjoys today. These hunk of gay porn brought with them a new audience beyond the niche target market to include both gay and straight viewers.

When well-muscled, handsome and tattooed bad boys like Maxx Transexual aka NakedReed Jameson, Jaxton Wheeler and Marcus Ruhl started appearing in she-male videos sucking dick and getting plowed, suddenly the gay community took notice. They would be joined by many more hunky men such as Jake Wilder aka Campbell StevensTrent Diesel and Tom Faulk, who all deserve honorable mention for their contributions.

Thanks to pioneering work of these hunks that brought visibility to trans porn, young stars today latoya lopez relaks as Dante Colle are expanding their filmography with pride. Here are my Top Ten picks of the handsome hunks who have helped to elevate transexual porn through the power of their popularity and sheer hotness of their physical appeal.

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This is a one-off, and the main reason Alex Parry made the list is because of the interesting back story. The handsome hunk was recruited by Men At Play and debuted in a searing solo in He appeared in several additional scenes, but never interacted males any of the other performers. It was the same at English Lads a year earlier where he made several solo videos which included dildos and ass-play; but he steered clear of any real dicks and never had physical contact with any of his male jack-off scene partners.

His dick was rock-hard throughout the video as he sucked on her uncut meat with great relish and rode her sizable cock all the way down to the root.