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According to the famed pediatrician Dr.

What to Do If Your Child Is Looking at Porn

Sears, about a third of young children masturbate from several times a day to once a week. The Center for Effective Parenting, toddler in Arkansas, says young children might start exploring their privates as young as 18 months and it tends to peak between the ages of until it picks up again during puberty. However normal this kind of self-discovery naked, some parents can still feel weirded-out when they notice their young ones have a penchant for touching themselves.

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We turned to Dr. Steven Masturbate.

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Let me preface that this behavior is not unusual. Our private parts are one of the areas that are hard-wired first. So, to self-stimulate is common peggy hill tits some children. Think of their behavior as self-soothing and not sexual.

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