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Naked societies

Welcome to 'Naked City', the world's largest nudist town

Where just about any kid with a computer and some time is naked to sniff, phish and pharm for your personal information. Where email hacking tips and tricks are shared freely on the world wide web. Where your identity can be bought by the highest bidder. Where we impetuously broadcast our personal information across social media networks.

Welcome societies the Fishbowl.

Nudity in Ancient to Modern Cultures--Aileen Goodson

With remnants of a dream still flashing behind closed eyelids I reach for my BlackBerry and power it on. I yawn, stretch, prop myself up in bed naked enter my device password. My email Inbox alone is a treasure chest of precious data. I enter my Inbox and brace myself for an exciting 20 mins of dodging virtual threats.

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Like a seasoned veteran I need only glance at the subject to distinguish authentic emails from the phishing emails that will try to lure out some personal information from me. Like my email password. Or credit card number.

Naked Club’s Video Streak edition 4 on Vimeo

Cybercrime is societies vast global industry, believed to have exceeded illegal drug trafficking as a felonious moneymaker. Cybercriminals easily transcend time and space without much risk beyond carpal tunnel syndrome.

They reach across the internet with invisible hands, hacking into your email or Societies account, phishing for boy massage porn personal information, sniffing naked valuable data, infecting your computers with viruses and malware, installing malicious bots, impersonating you and spamming your contacts with probing emails.