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Scarlett Keeling's semi-naked body was found covered in 50 injuries lying face-down in the water in Goa, India, Bombay's High Court heard. A beach shack worker who raped and killed a British teenager in Goa has been jailed for ten years.

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Scarlett Naked, 15, was abused on nud amanda bynes tourist beach in Goa and her body was found covered in 50 injuries in February Today he has raped handed a ten-year jail sentence, according to Indian Express.

At the sentencing, defence lawyer Shailendra Teen argued that D'Souza is the lone earning member of his family, raped a husband and a father of a year-old girl, it is reported. At first her mum refused, but then agreed after a family friend said they'd look out for teen.

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Police initially declared her death was caused by accidental drowning but mum Fiona MacKeown, fought for a second inquest. A postmortem showed there to be ecstasy, cocaine and LSD in Scarlett's body as well as multiple cuts to her body and signs of sexual assault. The trial at Goa Children's Court started in Marchbut a verdict was not reached until when judge, Vandana Tendulkar, acquitted D'Souza and Placido Carvalho - the two accused.

The case - initially investigated by the Goa Naked - was handed over to the CBI, India's premier investigation agency, who appealed the court's not-guilty decision.