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Case's parents, who were teenagers when they had her, were of Ukrainian ancestry. Case's family traveled around while she was young.

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Her stepfather is an archaeologist. She has lived in Western Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon and Washington, [3] though she considers Tacoma, Washington nekos be her hometown.

Case now resides in Vermont. Case left home at At 18 years of age, she worked as a drummer for the Del Logs and the Propanes, playing in venues including a punk club called naked Community World Theater.

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All of these bands were local punk groups except for Cub and The Weasels, which Case described as naked " country music supergroup ". There was a lot of clubs, a lot of bands, a lot of people coming through, a lot of all-ages stuff—it was a very exciting time to live there. InCase left without finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, which meant the loss of her student visa eligibility. She left Canada for Seattle, Washington.

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Before going, Case recorded vocals for a few songs that ended up on Mass RomanticThe New Pornographers ' first album. Her nekos vocals on songs like "Letter from an Occupant" are straightforward, full-volume power-pop performances, entirely shedding any country elements. Released on November 28,Mass Romantic became a surprise success. Although the band was originally conceived as a side project for its members, The New Pornographers remain a prominent presence in the indie rock world, having released its seventh diya mirza sexxx Whiteout Conditions on April 7,