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The Sex Trade, Part 2: The Great Sex Migration

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Home appliances and racks of designer clothes filled the display windows of the stores.


In a patronizing Western way, I commented approvingly on Bulgaria's commercial vitality. My friend, a hard-rock musician with two university degrees, politely corrected my impression.

Sold for sex - The Globe and Mail

Almost no one in Plovdiv, he said, could afford this merchandise: The stores, which rarely made a sale, existed to launder money for Bulgarian criminals who earned huge profits by smuggling people angelina original pussy Russia to the West. Until reading reporter Victor Malarek's angry book about the trafficking of women from Eastern Europe, I grasped neither the scale nor the implications of the activities that financed those Plovdiv boutiques.

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According to Malarek, women an investigative reporter at The Globe and Mail, moldova at W- FIVEduring the last decade, hundreds of thousands of women from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania have been sold into slavery naked prostitutes.

Crime syndicates use a variety of methods to capture young women.

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A girl walking down a road in Moldova is forced into a car. An overflowing Romanian orphanage receives a visit from "social workers" offering "apprentice programs" for adolescent girls.