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Naked hostel shower

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Travel Forums Off Topic Sleeping naked on a hostel. Shaved young vagina guess it's part of hostel culture - if you're comfortable sleeping, snoring, burping, farting, etc.

Personally, I wouldn't care that anyone slept nude, but I wouldn't really hostel to see people roaming around without a little something on.

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It's not even a prude thing - it's a personal space thing. I don't like people I don't know to be in my personal space, so dangling around in the area I'm sleeping just feels like an unwanted invasion.

Then naked, like Isa, I much prefer to sleep in a private room.


I'll share a bathroom and a kitchen and whatever else, but it's nice to close the door at night and have a space all to yourself. Shower would want to change rooms if there were people doing those any more often than an infrequent accident.

T - I love the way you phrase things!!! I now have this very comical image in my head.

Sleeping naked on a hostel.

I like the private hotel room because they usually come equipped with a mini-bar and no strangers shagging in the bed next to me. Clothes - no clothes, doesn't matter. Just don't ask me to critique the physique as I'm likely to tell you.