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Clorette quickly covered her face with her hands, knowing what everyone now could see. Even naked exasperating Billy Thompson was now seeing her naked bottom!

He was always teasing her, annoying her, making all sorts of dirty adolescent jokes.

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One girl he even had the gall to pinch her bottom. She sexi shop latina him a very hard glare for that and told him that if he ever did that again she would tell on him for sure. He just laughed, but he didn't try that again.

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However, here he was now, sitting front and center of the class, being provided the best view possible of her now shamefully displayed naked fanny, even sticking cunnie out toward him, as if she was inviting him to pinch it. Yes, the New School certainly did keep the component of humiliation. All of the boys leaned forward, and in the comfort, the safety, the security, of the darkened room, more than a few of them now had their hands in their laps. Clorette had such a very cute behind: Unfortunately, for the boys, Mr.

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Peters tucked her panties just under her behind, hiding the even more tasty cunnie pouch.