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Every few weeks my girl friends get together for a Naked Lady Party.

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They naked become a routine gathering that we all look forward to. A Naked Lady Party is a type of clothing exchange. A group of women gather and everyone brings any clothes, shoes, bbw german nudes, or other items that they want to get rid of. You make a big pile in the center of the room and then everyone dives in and digs through the pile.


Mayhem ensues during which there is much laughter and shouting, people try on different clothes, playfully fight over things they want, and throw articles of clothing back and forth across the room. At the end everyone leaves with new to them clothes, and the leftovers are donated to a charity organization. First of all, Naked Lady Parties are community-building. We come together, we eat food, drink tea or wine.

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Changing share stories from our days, our lives. We connect with girl other.