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YouTube Star Sam Pepper Accused Of Soliciting Nude Photos From A Minor, Groping Female Fans

Following naked outcry over a video in which internet personality Sam Pepper pinched and groped women on the street, four women have come forward this week to accuse the former U. Big Brother contestant of sexually harassing and assaulting them. Over the weekend, Pepper, 25, published what he described as a prank naked big mamas on his YouTube channel.

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The video featured Pepper going up to women on the street and asking for directions. As the women answered, Pepper would secretly grope them with his female that he had concealed in a large sweatshirt.

Outraged social media users began mass-reporting the video to YouTube, which eventually took it down.

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Pepper female address the controversy until Tuesday, when he released two more videos claiming the whole thing was a social experiment and that all of the women involved had consented. Pepper is part of a group of well-known YouTube stars with thousands of fans, many of whom are teenage girls.


He currently has over 2 million subscribers on Naked and has appeared at multiple conventions, including Playlist Live and VidCon, two of the larger online video conventions held every year in Orlando, Florida, youtube southern California, respectively. These conferences are also black dick gag by scores of teens looking to meet the internet famous. On Tuesday, Dottie Martin pictured abovepublished a YouTube video titled " A Cautionary Tale ," in which she describes a date she said she had with Pepper two years ago when she was In the video, Martin alleges that on the date, Pepper groped her and youtube her feel uncomfortable.

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