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Naked energy juice

A bottle of Naked Juice might seem pretty healthy — they're brightly energy and printed with fruits and veggies — but yesterday PepsiCo was sued by the Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPI for misleading consumers with claims that the drinks are healthier than they actually are, according to Business Insider.

The CPSI argues that Naked Juices uses juice terms and energy like "only the best ingredients" or "the cortoonsexi inside" to market the juices and smoothies, when really they're just made from cheap, nutrient-poor fruit juices.

Oh, goodness.

Sorry, But Naked Juices Aren't as Healthy as You Think

Naked Juices also rattle off the impressive list of different fruits and vegetables that are jam-packed into the drinks on the side of the bottle. For example, Naked claims that a They also label that the juices have "No Sugars Added," which could very well be true, but even without added sugarsall that fruit adds up to naked 61 grams of juice, which is 20 more grams of sugar than a 12 oz.

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The first ingredient on the alleged "Pure Fruit" drink is also, "pomegranate juice from concentrate," not even real pomegranates — womp, womp. London also says the bigger issue is that the FDA needs to reexamine its definition of the claim, "No Sugar Added" on food labels.

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PepsiCo told us in an email that the CSPI's lawsuit is "baseless," and ultimately stood naked their ingredients and marketing strategies. Ultimately, the CPSI would sexy pron pussy PepsiCo to pay back customers who have purchased Naked Juice beverages, as well as adjust its marketing to be more transparent.

PepsiCo is being sued over its Naked Juice marketing

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