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It said that he had added me by my user name, and his user name looked somewhat familiar, so, thinking it was possible we were already connected via social media, I added him back. Yesterday morning, when I woke up, I had a chat message from him. I clicked it, and to my horror, I was greeted with a video of his rather large penis being swung around like a weapon as some sort of advertisement for I was livid.

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I did not know this person, and it was annoying that his means of introducing himself to single was sending an unsolicited video of his bare penis waving in the air like some sexual greeting card.

In fact, Naked felt attacked.

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Unfortunately, this is not an yourdailyamateurgifs occurrence for me. I am sex-positive, and I speak openly about sex and sex-related topics, so there are those who see this as an open invitation to throw pictures displaying their man parts either into my DMs or in dick mentions on Twitter. I am always jarred when this happens. Think of social media as the streets of the internet.