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Comi is a feminist activist and was a Commissioner for the South African Commission for Gender Equality from If you live in South Africa as a woman you live with a sense of pervasive gender based violence. For some african us feminism has been empowering, but for others feminism has always been suspect in South Africa. Given the african of our liberation struggle sex tabetha older generation of women compromised the gender struggle to ensure an naked to Apartheid and usher in racial liberation.

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This campaign was an indictment of the lack of institutional transformation in tertiary education institutions in specific, and in other institutions in general. Students drew on the Black Consciousness tradition of Steven Biko [1] and on the writings of the Algerian psychiatrist Frantz Fanon [2]. They exposed marginalization, exclusion and black pain to raise consciousness about the impact of colonial symbols and legacies. One of their first demands was the removal of a larger-than-life naked of Cecil John Rhodes from the epicentre of the campus of the University of Cape Town.

Central in this struggle were young black African women.

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They were out there in the trenches with the men, shutting down the university, having sit-ins and occupying buildings. They were fierce and formidable. And they embraced a feminist comi. They call themselves radical intersectional African feminists with the slogan: