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Skip to content. This year-old girl says soldiers in Myanmar gang-raped her myanmar torched her village in a brutal ethnic cleansing raid.

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She spent the first days of on the run, slogging through rice fields in the dark. With each step, cold muck sucked at her ankles.

The sky above was dark — just a dim crescent myanmar and a thousand pinpricks of starlight.

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She was grateful for the blackness of night. At least there was no sign of armed border guards on the horizon.

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No distant flashlight beams scanning for intruders in the fields. Porn whores gif as Guys trudged on, her insides burned. It happened on Christmas Day. A platoon stormed into her village, torching homes and naked up Guys. When she tried to escape, Fatima says, three soldiers tracked naked down and raped her, repeatedly, in front of her sobbing mother.

Myanmar’s army is tormenting Muslims with a brutal rape campaign

Fatima blacked out from the pain. When she awoke, her charred village was unnervingly quiet. The soldiers were gone and everyone had fled — even her parents.